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This years Riesen Camp in Kopparbo, Sweden is cancelled.Riesenlager 2020

Dear Giant Schnauzer friends,

Unfortunately we have sad news to the Riesen community this day

This years Riesen Camp in Kopparbo, Sweden is cancelled.

The main reason of course being the uncertainty and effect of the Corona virus and COVID-19 disease that now has a firm grip of our society worldwide.

We had to rush the decision as the owners of Kopparbo Scout Camp needed a reply right now if we were to book or not. There are also a lot of other things needed to be applied for, planned and ordered already now such as all permits etc. Put together, all above is forcing the Camp Committee and the Board for this sad conclusion.

Corona/ COVID-19: looking into the standing recommendations and projections from the government, there is a big uncertainty that the impact of the virus will decline in time and as we face many of the situations now stated to avoid, it would not be safe to run the camp. 

Basic Corona specific problem areas that affects the camp:

  • The age group: many are within the age group considered high risk 
  • We have long events (over two hours) that will increase the risk of spreading the virus
  • We are a lot of people from all over the country, and different countries which needs to be avoided to slow the spread of the Corona virus.

Many of us have this week planned as our yearly event, one of the few things marked and locked in the calendar, something we are looking forward to year-after-year. 

Its human and logical to feel a void and sadness on this forced change – BUT let’s instead try to focus on good things now and make sure to make the Riesen Camp 2021 an extra special and happy event. Let’s all look forward to that and make it the best Riesen Camp ever :)

Finally, we wish you all to stay safe and healthy, to follow the recommendations and advice given by our governments and health experts, follow SKK and SBKs guidelines online and hope this pandemi will pass soon.

Warm Schnauzer greetings to all of you

The board of SRSK and the Riesenläger Committee  



More information about Corona virus/ COVID-19  

The Public Health Agency of Sweden












Contacts Camp Committé

Name and phone number below;

Roffa Asplund 070-680 96 98,

Micke Abrahamsson 070-521 27 35,

Anita Angelryd 070-959 40 14,

Anders Jansson 070-529 17 28 och

Kicki Thuring 070-891 75 58





Photos from previous Camps

FOTO: Peter Lind

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